“The midwife helps me when I attend a birth, that is how I learn”

Three apprentices share personal experiences from their practice during a meeting in Guadalupe Victoria in 2010

In the past, I would accompany the midwife, but only to hold the woman during delivery. Now, with this project, she told me that I can learn her work. This change has allowed me to learn traditional midwifery now for three years. In this time, I have learned how to position the baby, how to attend a birth and how to make the woman feel better during delivery.

The changes from this project have been good. For example, the traditional birth centre is like other Nancue Ñomndaa houses. We use traditional medicine there, because that is the best method, better than a health centre.

The midwife helps me when I attend a birth, that is how I learn. Anything that I don’t already know, she helps me to understand. The midwife is not egotistic; she is a good teacher. She has also taught me through some experiences to refer a pregnant woman to the hospital when I see that she can’t be treated at home.

The midwife taught me to examine the abdomen; she took my hands in hers and showed me how to do it. She told me “Learning this is good for you, when I die you will already know how to do this.” I never imagined I would learn this work, but I am very thankful for the midwife and the project.


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